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  • Laser Fun

    Playing with your cat is a great way to strengthen the bond between you whilst providing your cat with exercise and stimulation to enhance their physical and psychological wellbeing.

    Regular, frequent and short play sessions with your cat each day are ideal. Playfulness in cats tends to focus on practicing predatory behaviour so a variety of toys and games that trigger their hunting instinct are likely to get your cat in the mood.

    A lot of cat guardians say how much their cats love to chase the light from a laser pointer, but a lot of pointers haven’t been designed with cats in mind and have lasers that are too strong and so potentially dangerous if the light gets in a cat’s eyes.

    The Petstages Laser Fun Cat Toy has been especially developed with furry felines in mind with a weaker laser so that it’s safer for your cat as well as being lots of fun.

    To make sure you and your cat get the most out of the Laser Fun Cat Toy, it’s best to always point the laser at the floor with the light appearing from the same spot (e.g. from under the sofa) each time so it makes sense to your cat. Finish laser fun with a toy that your cat can catch and get hold of (e.g. Petstages Catnip Chew Mice Cat Toy) and a favourite treat so the play session ends with success for your cat.

    This blog was written by Sue Hartley of Life on Paws. Sue helps pet owners in Harrogate and Yorkshire to understand, manage and change their pet’s problem behaviour.